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The Benefits of Membership

  • Meet and mingle with members on a weekly basis

  • Increased referrals by developing strong business relationships

  • Share ideas and advice

  • Tools to network more effectively

  • Participation in up to 40 networking meetings per year.

  • Educational material on networking, public speaking, and business.

  • Free periodic workshops on networking.

  • And much, much more!!!


Only one person from each professional classification. Members are allowed to represent ONLY ONE classification occupation in this group.


No background check or confirmation of licensure or insurance coverage with regard to any Member has been performed or obtained. Referring Members are not responsible for the acts of other Members.


One-Time $25 membership fee;  Monthly dues for lunch are $14 per week.  We meet every Wednesday EXCEPT the first Wednesday of the month and dues are either 3 or 4 Wednesdays. ($42 or $56 per month) There are no refunds. 



Visitors are always welcome and can pay $14 for an individual meeting.  We are always looking to expand the group, but keep in mind the categories so we are not inviting a duplicate category.



Referrals can be given either online or in person but please share your referrals at the meeting.


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